Re: Whats the point?

From: Thomas Jones (
Date: 07/03/02

> We differ in perception of evolution.  CircleMUD is becoming more stable,
> safe, clean, usable, and flexible (within the allowances of a beta
> period).  It's becoming easier and better documented.  I consider that the
> best possible way to evolve.  If you're looking for a revolution, you'll
> have to wait until we finish the work we've started (mainly coding.doc --
> hint, hint, anyone's free to contribute).

I agree with almost all your post but I would have to say that stuff like
ascii player
files (hell ascii everthing)  couldn't but help make the mud more stable.  I
mean it gives
you the ability to hand fix a file if it does become corrupted.  At least
you would have a
chance of fixing it.

Everything else I agree with.  Races would be a DEFINITE mistake.  I bet not
two people
will do races exactly the same.  Im a little iffy on color but the color
that is in now seems fine
to me.

Thomas Jones

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