Re: Circle Start At Boot

From: Mythran (
Date: 07/05/02

> My Debian packages install this way. I patch the source to generate
> a pidfile, have a SysV-style start/stop script launch autorun as
> user/group circlemud and make sure all necessary files are
> read/write for the circlemud user.
> I go a little farther putting the world and player data under
> /var/lib/circlemud/, the pidfile and restart flags in
> /var/run/circlemud/, the logs in /var/log/circlemud/, the editable
> text files like motd and a startup config file in /etc/circlemud/,
> the executables in /usr/bin/, and the documentation in
> /usr/share/doc/circlemud/ (all to meet Debian policy WRT file
> locations).
> And to keep from spending any time imp-less immediately after
> installation, the initscript uses expect to initialize the
> implementor account based on values in circlemud.conf if it detects
> you started the MUD with an empty (or nonexistant) playerfile.
> I've been meaning to write a brief snippet on how to accomplish this
> for a few weeks. Perhaps I'll get to it over the weekend.

How about in the next 2 hours?  Just kidding, yes, it would be nice to have
a snippet of that measure....but I would only use the portion that starts
the script up as the user circlemud.  Hmm...I guess I can read up on it,
being that I have done it before and am just too lazy to remember anything
from my past MUD life :) (2 years ago)


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