Re: Dice Function

From: Mythran (
Date: 07/08/02

> A weapon which does 3d3 and one which does 3-9 are two different things.
> A 3d3 weapon is much more "reliable" than one which does 3-9.  It is FAR
> less likely to do low damage.  A string of "bad luck" using a 3-9 weapon
> means absolute death.  Whereas a string of "good luck" means you
> annihilate your foes.
> Do you want a mud where good and bad luck are the norm, or one where
> consistency is?  You can always make a decision based upon personal
> preference, of course. :)  I personally believe that "reliability" should
> be the norm, not wild swings across a spectrum.
> That's all.
> -Mathew

All the tables that have been posted, I understood.  But until now, I didn't
quite see how it fit in the mud, thanks for your explanation Mathew, pretty
cool.  Anywho, I wouldn't have understood without the tables either so
thanks all who posted!

I finally understand how the ^ curve in the graph fits into the mudding.  a
3-9 has an equal chance to hit 3 as it does 9.  So a 3-9 weapon is based
more on luck.  But, so is dice.  The difference is the curve.  The same
sword, only with a dice roll in place, 3d3, will have more luck hitting the
average range rather than hitting too high or too low.

Am I on the right track?


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