Re: Some Questions about Storing Information and Efficiency

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 07/09/02

> This would be very easy to do with a (DG) script. Most of the scripts
> outthere deal with this sort of input - a command is entered, and based
> on previous info, the script responds or sends the command on to the
> interpreter.

Ok, I'll have to look into it, but I'm not touching it until you release
the patch to pl8 (and of course I have to integrate what you've released
already, as I suspect it'll be easier to update to pl8 if I start from
closer to what you are), whenever that may be.  I have enough other stuff
to distract me until then anyway.

It's technically for an exploration system, btw.  I want to make it so
players can earn exploration point by "exploring" (or whatever verb I
settle on) suitable locations throughout the mud.  Among other things a
certain number of exploration points will be required to immort.

> vnum -> the numbers _we_ use to handle the rooms - 1204, 3001 and so on.
>         This is stored in the world files.
> rnum -> the array index of the room in the world[] array.
>         This is assigned on bootup. The rnums range from 0 to top_of_world.

Excellent.  Concise and understandable, thanks a ton!

> It's really not that difficult. Trust me. :P  [1]

Famous last words. :)  I'll get into it more as I look at pl8. :)

> Google didn't find anything for me to look at, so I can't help you there.

Ah.  Circlemud ftp site, in specials, it's called crodo_quests.tar.gz and
is supposed to patch into BPL17 with DG Scripts . . . what v of DG I don't

You might be interested in glancing at it just to see what it does and if
it actually has any functionality that cannot easily be duplicated.  Never
a bad thing to take a look at what someone else has done to modify code
you work to update, right? :)

Thanks for the assistance, I'll revisit these issues at a later point I
think, after looking at DG for possibilities.


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