Re: Replacement for saving throws/thac0?

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 07/10/02

> I would say the game rules using thaco/saving throw has nothing to do with
> your problem. You have problem because your file is too large. Why don't you
> try to extract classes data from the code and put it in the library under
> some file format ?

I would agree that it's a bit large, yes. :)  So large that I've
determined there's something wrong in that the compiler currently sees an
old version of the file which in fact does not exist.

I do maintain that the size of the switches is ridiculous! *grin*  I have
looked in the archive and a recent discussion on this subject uncovered
the fact that it used to be an array and not a switch, which was
apparently better (one can imagine why, just in terms of lines of code)
but it was an issue with people remembering to update it.

> I've done it ( and i think some codebases do it as well ) and i ended having
> a file like this :

That sounds like an interesting idea, however it's not something I feel
comfortable working on at this moment.  What I would like is a way to
blast the saving throws function, and I may just set it to return a fixed
value until I come up with a better way of dealing with the beast.

> Managing your code and your library is a different task than designing or
> tuning your fight system.

Agreed, and I'm not concerned with the mechanics of the saves.  In fact,
those values in the switches currently are NOT ones that are usable.
(Level 30 may return a good number, but level 38 returns a bad one, etc.)

Once I am ready to tackle the saves system I'll be looking for a more
permanent and elegant solution which suits my needs.  For now I'm looking
for some ideas, that's all. :)


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