Re: bitvectors issues?

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 07/10/02

> Of course it shouldn't be more than a couple hours work to
> update Oasis 2.0.1 for CVS or bpl21 for CIRCLE_UNSIGNED_INDEX. If
> anyone else wants to try beating me to it I certainly won't
> complain. ;)

Not being entirely sure what to fix I suspect I will content myself with
flipping that switch back for the moment. :)  I don't THINK it is
necessary for the changes I made yesterday, it was more along the lines of
an exension of my thinking in enabling bitvector_t.

I'm not sure what changes I need to make in order to use bitvector_t
fully though.  I changed all the references where it was commented out in
structs.h and I added a different asciiflag converter which I located in
the archives to deal with the increased number of flags available, but I
also saw a lot of references to %ull replacing %d in some locations . . .
yet I don't think I managed to generate any errors which regarded this at
all.  Also, all entries for #define FLAG (1 << 0) etc where changed to
(1ull << 0) . . . I hope this is correct.

Going to be testing to see if my flags are actually editable and
functioning soon, though the only thing up over 32 is item flags. :)
Limited data set for my QA, but oh well.


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