Re: Nanny, moving back one con state?

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 07/12/02

> And, of course, free any memory that will be getting overwritten...
> so it will not be set aside more than once.

Ah, well, now this I'm unsure of!  And it is a really good point, because
it doesn't mean much if I can properly manipulate the nanny only to suck
up memory like a pig. :)

I'll go ahead and show you guys what I've got sort of working right now
and you can tell me if you see any problems?

I'll use my race stuff since it's more done than my class.  (Came first,
so I worked on it first.)

In CON_QRACE I have a series of if - else if.  It will allow for
parse_race (just like parse_class) to return a few things and be handled.

It will make the character's race the selected race if one was chosen.
It will display the menu again if parse race returns 30 (arbitrary number)
It will display an info menu on a race group if 21-28 are returned
  (note, these are just modified race_menu things which write to out.
   i chose not to load them from library as of now, anyone suggest doing
   so?  if so, why?)
It will go back to the gender selection if returned a 29 (con_qsex)
It will let them know if they select anything invalid and reprompt

Now, so far i see no real problems, but we all know i've got newbie
tattooed on my butt. :)  Question is, by making it select a sex or a race
or a class over and over, do I cause problems?  I mean, you're assigning
and reassigning GET_RACE and GET_SEX and GET_CLASS . . . is that an issue?

Much help for the suggections, I look forward to any insight folks have on
this hopping around I'm having the nanny do.


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