Re: GET_OBJ_PERM problem

From: The Fungi (
Date: 07/18/02

On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 01:02:51PM -0400, Thomas Larcombe wrote:
> I cannot seem to type today, sorry about the blank post and for taking
> up so much room on the list. The problem ended up being that while the
> GET_OBJ_PERM had been used with sprintascii in genobj.c it was not
> used as ascii in db.c, two solutions presented, one was to change
> everything to the ascii value, tried that first and had more problems
> so I had to take a step backwards which did work.
> Note to the wary,
> if you are using bpl21 with oasis2.0.1, check your perm flags and be
> sure that they work. I was using the circle30bpl21 with saveall and
> oasisolc2.0.1 straight from the ftp site and I think if you have that
> set you'll have this problem.

Yep. Verified. I've corrected this in my circlemud-patched packages
for Debian and in my oasisolc-2.0.1.cvs2002062809.patch.gz available
from for those
using either. I employed Thomas's suggested fix and it appears to
work fine now.
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