Re: [NEWBIE] ASCII Pfile install gone wrong.

From: Alex (
Date: 07/20/02

> db.c:591: `FBFILE' undeclared (first use this function)

This is related to the "buffered file output" system that
ASCII uses. It is contained in diskio.c and diskio.h.

From diskio.h:
typedef struct
  char *buf;    /* start of buffer      */
  char *ptr;    /* current location pointer   */
  int size;   /* size in bytes of buffer    */
  int flags;    /* read/write/append, future expansion  */
  char *name;   /* filename (for delayed writing) */

It seems like you dont have diskio.h included..
I looked at the patch, and it does contain these files.
  (diskio.c and diskio.h)
It also adds a line to include it in db.c. Are you sure
you took care of all the .rej files? You will also need
to rerun configure most likely after patching to get
diskio.c and its dependencies included in the Makefile.

hope this helps..


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