Latest DG script (pl8) -> BUG?

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 07/22/02

As usual, I'm messing with patching DG/OLC etc into current CVS.  When I
attempt to edit a zone after patching to PL8 DG, I get a "That room does
not exist."  (Note, this error message comes from oasis.c, in case
SCMD_OASIS_ZEDIT.)  Note, I *can* create a zone.  I just cannot zedit any

I fixed this by going back to the way that the previous (PL7) version of
Oasis handled it, which is like so:

    if ((real_num = real_room(number)) < 0) {

This is what PL8 used:

    if ((real_num = real_room(number)) != NOWHERE) { */

So, have I done something else wrong to get this error?  Or is it actually
a bug, and != NOWHERE should not have been used in PL8?


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