Dragon Ball Infinite

From: Meagan Stevenson (meagan@stevenson.ms)
Date: 07/22/02

Hello. I am the newely hired Head Builder of DBI. Dragon Ball Infinite
is of course a game built around the scene of the Dragon Ball Saga. I
can hear you already, geek city. Before I began playing a few DB muds, I
haden't even watched the show. However, I am hooked upon the mud. I am
currently looking for _experienced_ builders who aren't afraid to work
around a continuous setting, even though it has huge boundaries.

I am also currently looking for a fix to the DB script bug affecting
%actor.name%. Like others that I have seen have this problem, it uses
the name of the last person logged on instead of the person that is
actually the actor.

If anyone would like to apply, or knows of a possible fix. PLEASE notify
me asap.

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