Re: Graphical Bar Code?

From: Artovil (
Date: 07/25/02

At 02:24 2002-07-25 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any code they'd be willing to share which draws some kind
>of graphical representation of a percentage?  I'm thinking of doing this
>kind of a bar to track progression or status of certain fields.  If anyone
>else has some code they'd be willing to toss my way so I can work with it,
>I'd be apprecative. :)

Please check the FTP before sending these kind of queries.  And don't say
you couldn't find anything.  That only means you didn't look hard
enough.  Sift through all of the stuff in there before sending the email.

Yes, this was a flame. *mumbles incoherently*


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