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From: Mythran (
Date: 07/29/02

From: "Kras Kresh" <kras_kresh@HOTMAIL.COM>
> This is what I don't want:
> >cast 'lightning bolt' drake     - 1st command
> cast 'lightning bolt' drake       - 2nd, still lagging from 1st
> cast 'fireball' drake             - 3rd, not even close
> Drake breaks your head open.
> You have died. blah blah blah
> lag
> Invalid menu choice!
> Invalid menu choice!
> yadiyadiyada.............
> Understand what I'm talking about? I want to kill off the commands that
> not yet parsed. I want to flush em in the toilet before they come alive!
> do I accomplish this?

What i have done for my mud is used events.  Using events, a player can
still do things while casting a spell....but most things will cancel the
spell.  For example...if they cast a spell then quaff a potion BEFORE the
spell is finished, the spell is cancelled.  You might want to try something
similar.  This will also solve your problem with the wait period between
commands.  There isn't any wait period on my mud.  (As in, no wait for next


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