Re: Inline Color Questions

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 08/01/02

More information on the problem I am having getting the colors to work.
Here's the helpfile text which is giving me trouble:

    &x&7black&0&w          &bblue&w           &ggreen&w
    &ccyan&w           &rred&w            &mmagenta&w
    &ybrown&w          &wwhite/gray&w     &Xdark gray&w
    &Blight blue&w     &Glight green&w    &Clight cyan&w
    &Rlight red&w      &Mhot pink&w       &Yyellow&w
    &Wwhite&w          &0black bg       &1blue bg
    &2green bg       &3cyan bg        &4red bg
    &5magenta bg     &6brown bg       &7gray bg
    &ftoggle flash   ampersand(&&)

&YSee also:&w COLOR

On one term (zmud) the black text fails to show up because the background
stays black, then of course none of the background changes take place.
The flashing doesn't work . . . however the See also: COLOR line DOES
flash, as does the prompt (until the dark red of the prompt kicks in,
right after the light red section).  The prompt code would look like this:
&R%ph&rhp . . . right before the "hp" it stops flashing.

On the other term (PuTTYtel) the same things happen up until the See also:
COLOR line.  On this term it turns to a gray background which persists
until the same point the flashing stops under zmud.

This is very confusing.  I don't understand why two term programs would
react in different ways when they are both supposed to be ANSI compat.


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