[dgscripts] pl8 real_trigger()

From: Russell Ryan (rjwr10@hotmail.com)
Date: 08/03/02

I have another question about the new dgscripts pl8 for bpl21

again sorry if this has been posted before, I haven't quite caught up yet, a short search in the archives didnt turn up anything.

in dg_scripts.c:3228
I get a seg fault there, btw im on a fresh bpl21, olc2.0.1 bpl21, dg scripts pl8.
It would happen when i would trigedit a non-existant vnum.
ie trigedit 5700 (zone 57 exists btw 5700-5799)

int real_trigger(int vnum)
  int bot = 0, mid;
  int top = top_of_trigt;

  /* perform binary search on trigger-table */
  for (;;) {
    mid = (bot + top) / 2;

    if (trig_index[mid]->vnum == vnum)               <----- right here
      return (mid);
 if (bot >= top)
      return (NOTHING);
    if (trig_index[mid]->vnum > vnum)
      top = mid - 1;
      bot = mid + 1;

The debugger reports that mid = 20 when it faults, and trig_index is only 20 elements big,(b/c 0.trg has only 20 triggers) so its end element is [19]. So it's crashing b/c its pointer has wandered off the array into nowhere.

I fixed it by changing
int top = top_of_trigt;
 int top = top_of_trigt-1;

anyone else fix this in a different way? I feel like this is a quick and dirty fix.


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