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From: ZaufeMUD (
Date: 08/03/02

From: "Thomas Arp" <>
> Strange compiler warning indeed. Ask your sysadmin for a fix
> for this one. You need 'binutils-'. (according to this
> link: )

They forgot to do it on the server I was on.. they installed it and all is
well now :)

> So you need a prototype for the colors + cleanup_olc.
> My suggestion: Add the line
> void cleanup_olc(struct descriptor_data *d, byte cleanup_type);
> to oasis.h, and include oasis.h in every file you have a problem with,
> and add the lines
> extern const char *nrm, *grn, *cyn, *yel;
> void get_char_colors_nrm(struct char_data *ch);
> to utils.h

This is already done.. I have utils.h included in every .c file, and oasis.h
that calls on them.. However, it still produces this warning... There is
something I am missing here, and cant quite put my finger on it

Actually I have:
oasis.h:void get_char_colors(struct char_data *ch);
utils.h:void get_char_colors_nrm(struct char_data *ch);

defined and both of these are included in the files that keep producing
these errors...


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