Logging with date troubles..

From: Christian Ejlertsen (chr.ejlertsen@has.dk)
Date: 08/04/02


I have been working on a reconfiguring of the logging system towards beeing a daily log.

I'd like it to automaticly append this format to the logname MMDDYYYY.mudname.log.
what i have been playing is some of the time formats.. I ve read the man asctime, and it
mentions that the time is stored in this struct.
              struct tm {
                      int     tm_sec;         /* seconds */
                      int     tm_min;         /* minutes */
                      int     tm_hour;        /* hours */
                      int     tm_mday;        /* day of the month */
                      int     tm_mon;         /* month */
                      int     tm_year;        /* year */
                      int     tm_wday;        /* day of the week */
                      int     tm_yday;        /* day in the year */
                      int     tm_isdst;       /* daylight saving time */
How is this struct accessible for me i've tried a few options no luck so far.
Or is there an even easier way to do it.

Thanks in advance 

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