[OASIS] [DG_SCRIPTS] bug with editing existing objs/rooms/etc with scripts

From: Yoram Harmelin (yoram.harmelin@WANADOO.FR)
Date: 08/04/02


I don't know if it was a stock bug with dg_scripts are not, but when I
upgraded from pl7 to pl8, editing existing mobs that had scripts attached on
them was crashing the mud when it came to saving internally. Anyhow, I
noticed that entering the script section of the mob, and leaving without
adding/removing scripts attached to it was making medit not to crash.

It was crashing in free_proto_script.

Here is my fix:

At the end of dg_olc_script_copy, I added:

  /* is this a fix?     */
    OLC_MOB(d)->proto_script = OLC_SCRIPT(d);
    OLC_OBJ(d)->proto_script = OLC_SCRIPT(d);
  else OLC_ROOM(d)->proto_script = OLC_SCRIPT(d);

Y. Harmelin

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