Re: (dg_scripts) what dir?

From: The Fungi (
Date: 08/07/02

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 07:05:51PM -0400, Ben D Heise wrote:
> in the help file for dg_scripts, it says I must make some dir, and make
> some stuff to put in it... however, the file that they said spelled this
> out, I cannot find in any search.
> again, constrants hinder me from searching the archives, so please bear
> with the deja' vu, as I am sure this is not a new question.

Well, if you used the official one, there are "0.trg" and "index"
files that need to be placed in lib/world/trg/ and then for the
player variables one needs to create lib/plrvars/???/ directories
like the ones in lib/plralias/, lib/plrobjs/ et al. Also wouldn't
hurt to stick DG_Readme and events.txt in doc/ just so they are with
the rest of your MUD documentation.

If you used the ones I updated to cleanly patch against Circle CVS,
all this gets done automatically. I'm assuming Welcor didn't do that
to keep from clobbering identically-named files in the target
locations, or perhaps there are braindead patch utilities out there
that don't know how to create directories on their own? The ASCII
PFiles maintainer did the same thing, so maybe I'm missing something
of importance...
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