Re: [newbie] bug in trigedit..

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 08/09/02

From: "Peter d" <death_comes_to_all@HOTMAIL.COM>
> i encountered a very annoying bug in the trigedit command, when i edit a
> trigger, like trigedit 13, and then try to save the trigger the mud
> crashes.. i went into dg_olc.c and tracked the save function to
> void trigedit_save(struct descriptor_data *d)
> the function is too big to insert here, does anyone have any ideas what
> might have gone wrong..?
While I want to help, you simply don't give enough information; To help
you, we need at least the following info:

What version of dg_scripts are you using[1]?
What version of circle are you using[1]?
What version of OLC are you using[1]?
Have you modified the code yourself ?
Does the mud crash if you edit an existing trigger?
Does the mud crash if you edit a new trigger with a high vnum?
Does the mud crash if you edit a new trigger with a low vnum?
(to check this, try removing trigger #1 from the trg file,
then rerun the mud and trigedit 1)
Have you run the mud through a debugger (gdb is nice)?
If so, which line(s) crash the mud?
Could you send a backtrace ?

As you stated, trigedit_save() is too big to insert. This also means
that it has a lot of lines that may be the cause of the crash, and
also, since almost every line calls another function, each of those
may be to blame.

Have you fixed the real_trigger() bug mentioned earlier on the list ?
(by moving the lines checking for out-of-bounds
to before the dereferencing)


[1] Call me lazy, but I prefer to have this in the same mail,
    instead of having to wade through 1000+ messages in my mailbox
    to find the info in your previous mails.

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