Re: [NEWBIE] some problem with mob table

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 08/12/02

We're going to need quite a bit more information than you have
given us so far.
First, what's the function supposed to do?
Second, you'll need to include the entire function in your post.
Third, just because the compiler tells you the mistake is at one
certain point doesn't mean that's where the error actually is.
Normally, when I get an error of that sort, I look to make sure that
the function directly above it is properly written (i.e. brackets
closed and all the ';' are in the right place).
FYI, if you do include the actual function in your post, be sure
to add a [CODE] flag to it so that those people using pine or
some other text-based mailer can opt out of reading it.
You prolley already know to do that though...


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