Re: Planned OasisOLC Enhancements

From: Mythran (
Date: 08/12/02

> > deletion of rooms/zones are not allowed if they are needed by the mud
> > 0, 12, 30) (rooms in zone 0, room 1204 and 3001).
> >
> When you put in that feature make it flexible so that the implementor can
change and add a list of zones he/she don't wont to be able to be deleted
perhaps password protect the list somehow, for that extra security. Don't
want zones to dissapear due to a typo.... or somthing equally sucky.
> Some ideas.
> 1. Perhaps a possibillity to import a zone on the run. Say you got a
builders port and have a zone you want to add to a running mud. Place the
zone files in a directory and type something like zoneimport <nr>.
> 2. A more flexible formatting command for the editor. A posibility to
format from a linenumber this to linenumber that.
> Something like, "/f4,10", being format line 4 to 10 no indent, no
arguments should of course do what it has always done.
> Perhaps even beeing able to set the indent for the lines in the selection,
"/fi4,10,5", format line 4 to 10 with an indent of 5 spaces.
> Could just add the third field to the /f command nothing beeing zero,
leaving it optional.
> 3. Perhaps (this might be off topic) build a mudedit command, where you
are able to change things like the different startrooms, wizlock(so it's
saved over boots), level to holler, some of the mud variables you set in
config.c could easily be transferred to a file and loaded on boots instead.


Heh, my middle name is Christian :)  Anywho, good idea on the importing...I
think I will think about it :)  Of course, implementing it will be a tad bit
more difficult than thinking about it.  Nonetheless, I will add it in sooner
or later..probably before it's next release :)

I alo like the 2nd and 3rd ideas.  The format may not be possible without a
redo of the entire system and the way it is handled....maybe I am just
looking into it too far :0  **shrug**.  Hrm, the 3rd idea sounds pretty good
also....I will think about it and see who else replies to this message and
see their opinions...

Anyone else have opinions based on the above comments?


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