[NEWBIE][Possible Repeat] Calling all helpful people, HELP!

From: Kevin Dethlefs (demortes@msn.com)
Date: 08/12/02

Hrm, I don't know if my previous email got through or not, i hate hotmail.
Anyway, short version of a long email...:

I got a backup i would like to use, but now something has caused the code to
give a bunch of stray \'s. Now I can't get them all, and I can't log the
dang things. It's ticking me off, and I don't know what to call a define and
what not to call a define. It gets confusing for this newbie. Right now, I
want help. None of my coders can help from what I can tell, so if you could
please download my code at http://www.spunge.org/~demortes/dnal.tar.gz and
tell me how to fix the dang stray \'s. Utils.h had a bunch of them, but I
thought I corrected them, but I thought I would check with a stock utils.h
file on ftp.circlemud.org and it has the \'s I deleted. It was previously
compiled completly on a different server, but then I moved it to my server,
and boom, stray \'s complaints... HELP, pls. Thanks in advance.

Kevin Dethlefs
AIM: Demortes YAHOO: Kdeathwish MSN: Above email WEBSITE:

Dnal lives! If you were on the staff originally, email me your mud name,
position, and I'll get back to you. Demortes@msn.com

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