Re: coding.doc

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 08/13/02

Okay Daniel, I downloaded the latest CVS of coding.doc and checked it
out. I noticed spells have yet to be covered, so I guess I'll start
there, unless you have a problem with that.
Adding spells can be very complicated and writing documentation on
them can be rough.
BTW George, I noticed that your implementation of clone is lacking
a little something. The target should be TAR_CHAR_ROOM | TAR_SELF,
right now it's just TAR_SELF and will always send you NOPERSON.
There may be a few others besides clone, I just noticed that one.
Oh, and if you fixed it after bpl19, just ignore me, haven't looked
at that particular spell in bpl21 just yet.
I am a little curious over why TAR_SELF doesn't work all by itself,
adding an "or" check is sorta wierd. Again, this may be fixed for
later patches, so I could be talking about an old subject.

Moving right along... If anyone else is already working on
for spells, let me know so I can find something else to mess with.


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