Re: [OasisOLC] Dig Command

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 08/14/02

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Mythran wrote:

> So, should the DIG command be implemented in the next OFFICIAL release?

The suggestions below are only my personal opinions, and are only to be
taken as such.

Suggestions for additions to next official release:
- dig
- buildwalk (they can co-exist)
- [m|r|o]list <. | zone | start_vnum end_vnum>
- rcopy - I suggest adding this with a config.c toggle to turn it off
  Some implementors think it's bad form to encourage copying a rdesc.
- command escape in editor : /!mudcommand - perfect for replying to
  mudmail, since you can read the old message while formatting.

Important issues:
- make OasisOLC decide how overlapping zones are meant to be used,
  and especially how to handle the saving.
- modulize do_oasis. As it is it's quite hard to figure out, even for
  experienced programmers. A splitup in subroutines would help the
  over-all readability.

Other, more long-term, features, I'd like to suggest:
- modulization of the oasis menus (see Georges old todo.Oasis_Espec)
- context sensitive help system (I'm currently making one, that'll
  be easily expandable from DG scripts to OasisOLC[1])

Off-scope features, I'd say fitted OasisOLC:
- Zone flags (level range, builder names, zone description).


[1] Perhaps I'll just make it, submit it to you, and make my patch against
    your OasisOLC version later.

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