Re: [NEWBIE] zedit (yet again)

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 08/15/02

> *ponders* I'm using stock bpl15 with dg scripts pl7a and OasisOLC...

Is there a reason you're using "stock bpl15" etc. instead of using
circle bpl21 and dg pl8?  If your code is truly stock bpl15, why not just
junk it, move up to the more updated versions, and be done with it?  Good
chance that the error will go away if you do that?

If you're not using a stock version of bpl15 (ie you have made personal
changes) there's always the possibility that something you touched is the

If you don't have a lot of modifications, you may consider just moving up
to the latest versions anyway.  (Because they'll patch no problem and


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