Re: Adding wld files

From: Peter d (
Date: 08/18/02

>Hi folks! I'm new to the list.
>I looked in the FAQs, help files, websites, etc, and found no answers on
>this one. Please no 'RTFM' comments. ;)
>I downloaded an area tar.gz, put all the mob/obj/wld/zon files in the right
>places, rebooted the server.. and..
>It didnt allow me to go to the rooms. Is there a file I need to edit to get
>the server to recognise it, or an internal command?

You have to edit the index file.. add the number of the file you added in
the folder, you have to do this with all the folders, shp, wld, zon, mob,
obj.. just add them like the existing files in the index file..


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