Limiting Exp Gain?

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 08/20/02

I'm having difficulty in determining where I should put checks in to stop
the gaining of experience.  Through experiementing with gain_exp, I've
noted that if I put in checks to limit the exp gain there, it also has the
benefit of working to limit exp loss through death if the limiting
conditions are satisfied.  Thus, peopole can have no fear of death (or at
least losing exp) once they manage to put themselves in a state where exp
needs to be limited.  (This is not good, obviously.)

Should I be tossing in a check of some sort before gain_exp is called?
Something like an "allowed_to_gain" function?  Then don't call it on

Just looking for suggestions here since it's the end of my coding day and
I'll be picking this up again tomorrow.

Thanks in advance!


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