From: Mythran (
Date: 08/22/02

From: "James Anderson" <>
> i was wondering if anyone out there knew where i could get a working version
> of olc that will work with circle 3.0 patch lvl 21 it would be very helpfull.

  I am currently working on the new OasisOLC version...but since bpl22 is in
the making, the enhancements to OasisOLC and cetera are all
going to have to wait for bpl22.  Once bpl22 is out, I will be patching for
it.  Maybe, if there isn't already a patch for bpl21, I will also patch for
bpl21 also at that time.  There is SOOOO much to be done, I do not believe
the patch will be ready for bpl22 initial release...BUT, it will be done
shortly thereafter...


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