Re: Problem with Make

From: Chris Fowles (
Date: 08/25/02

From: "Chris Fowles" <cfowles@GMX.NET>
> When I try and recompile, make, I get an error:
>         make: *** No targets.  Stop.
> I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this.


>make all (or 'make circle' - eventually, you might even
>try 'make ./Makefile')

typed: make ./Makefile
make: Nothing to be done for `Makefile'.
I know there's things to be done, I've added code since the last

>If you've changed to a system that doesn't recognize the 'default:'
>tag in a Makefile (weird in itself), try giving it what it's asking
>for, a target.

>Also, check out the Makefile with 'cat Makefile | less' to see if
>you have any strange characters inthere, that might interfere with
>the make command. I don't know if it will handle ^M's correctly.

Checked it out, didn't seem to be anything wrong...


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