Re: Problem with Make

From: Bob Roschli (
Date: 08/26/02

I don't know if this will help any more than what everyone else has told
you but I have had this problem with windows to unix files previously.
I used what I thought was a "smart" ftp client to move all the files so
that way ascii would be transferred as ascii and binary as binary.  I
later found out that it only works for files I define as ascii and
everything else it transfers as binary.  I then "tested" the transferred
files by with the more command and they all looked great.  Then things
started to fail badly.  It turns out that more (or less) did not show
the true file, it understood the windows ^Ms and did not display them, I
used vi and there they were.  You can use the dos2unix command if it is
just a few for you, or you can define every extension that you want as
ascii and resend them all again with your ftp client, that is what I had
to do.  It did not even define .c files as ascii.

I hope this helps because it could be all your .c and .h files as well
as the makefile itself.


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