Bug fix!

From: Tseran (Tseran@SubDimension.com)
Date: 08/27/02

It's been a long time, and I am not sure if everyone else is having this
problem, but I saw it when I was playing around with the mount code,
making it so that it would display the mount you are riding in the
listing of characters in the room.

This is the offending line:

      send_to_char(ch, "%c%s", UPPER(*i->player.short_descr),

What happens is that it will display the name like this:

Tthe beastly fido is sleeping here.

I can see why it does this, and here is the fix as I see it.

     send_to_char(ch, "%s", CAP(i->player.short_descr));

I am running under Darwin (Mac OS X's brand of BSD) and this is the only
glitch I have run into so far.

Watch for my updated maze code, with variable maze sizes (including 3-D
mazes), no need to premake the zone, and other fun stuff.

Tseran (aka Ryan Biggs & Doppleganger Software)
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