Re: ASCII Player Files

From: Alex (
Date: 08/27/02

> i want to here fromboth sides as to why to ornot to use asicc
> pfiles.
preference.  not caring.  maintainability.

in order:
1) preference
   some people prefer one over the other
2) not caring
   you download your source and start running it.  some dls have ascii
   pfiles, the core has binary.  who cares what it is running :)
3) maintainability
   (this goes both ways too)
   ASCII:  you can edit the pfiles by hand, move them machine to machine
      without having to think, etc.
   Binary: it's generally easier to zip through the pfile looking for a
      particular instance of something without having to either generate
      an index file or parse through gobs of files (1 per player).

Both sides have similar arguments that all come down to which works for
you better.


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