[newbie] questions...

From: Arjay Hwang (pixelpicasso_pizzicato@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: 08/30/02

okay, i'm really sorry if this is annoying, I'm a bit
of a newbie and I've been searching through the lists
and seen these questions asked before, but I haven't
been able to find the answers... anyway sorry just
little things that have been troubling me...

1) has anyone else ever had my disappearing object
   problem? (see 'mag matereials and losing 31.obj)

2) How do I get things about an obj/mob/room/char, ie
   GET_OBJ_VNUM, what other things am I able to call
   and what files do I need to include?

3) Is it possible to get mobs to send things over the
   grats/quest/gossip channel etc?

4) How can I make my spec-proc mob respond not to the
   command 'say' itself, but to what word the person
   actually spoke?

5) Can I call things like wield or drop in a special
   procedure or a spell? (ie when char walks into the
   room and mob yells get out of here, then wields the
   sword, unwields it when the room is empty, and does
   it all over again? and I have a spell that I want
   make its victim drop everything)

6) I tried to make a command that only worked in one
   room, ie bathe, put it in interpreter.c etc, then
   in act.other.c I had an if statement, if the room
   vnum != 3123 then send "Huh?!?"... But it sends
   'Huh?!?' anyway, and the special procdure doesn't
   pick up on the command... So then I made it a
   and the special procedure picked up on it, but did
   the social as well, after doing the proc.

7) I have a mob who is a witch, and she casts spells,
   but when I tested it it made me cast the spell on
   myself... I thought ch would be the mob, and vict
   would be me, but it seems to think both are me.

8) I want to have a mob that steals something from the
   char if he is in the room for too long, how do I
   make my mob do the skill 'steal' ( I know how to do
   make it cast a spell, but are skills the same? )
   and how can I send it something from the inventory,
   ie ("steal %s", item_from_chars_inv)

again sorry if this bugs you, I looked at the newbie
list but I don't know if they are able to help out...

thanks everyone :)

_           _
(\o/) Arjay (\o/)
 /_\  Hwang  /_\

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