Idea for prompt

From: Arjay Hwang (
Date: 09/02/02

Hey :)
I have an idea for display/prompt, it has probably
been done already but anyway...
in comm.c where it has the "H%d " etc, put in if
statement or case so it has like,
then in your if statement/case have if GET_HIT < .2 *
GET_MAX_HIT, make the first %d red, if GET_HIT < .5 *
GET_MAX_HIT yellow, etc...
It will make it much nicer for your users so when
they are in battle they can glance at it and see the
colour so they know if they need to heal/need to flee
rather than them working out the number...
I did it to my mud and I got a million thank yous,
because now it made the battle much better

:) just an idea...

_           _
(\o/) Arjay (\o/)
 /_\  Hwang  /_\

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