Re: [OASISOLC] Questions Asked, Comments Needed

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 09/03/02

On 2 Sep 2002, at 23:13, Mythran wrote:
> I am thinking about adding in another additional command, pedit.  This
> command will allow administrators to modify players on the fly.
> Comments on this topic is needed.  If you have a comment or pointer on
> the subject, let me know please.

Check out do_set command.  That's the command that changes
the player stats.  It'd be a nice thing.  You might want to include a
ifdef statement so to give a toggle to either include the original
commands or not.


> Anywho, I NEED MORE COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS!  The following list of
> commands are commands that have been added for the next OasisOLC
> dist.: could have given a one or two words to say what they
edit.  I'll make a guess but I could be wrong.
> cedit
> rlist
> olist
> mlist
> zlist
> slist
> tlist

> plist -> maybe, depends on comments and suggestions

This is all off the top of my head.  I just got back from work
graveyard shift.

Suggestion:  add a command which would load and edit things like
opening screens, imotd and motd.

Also, what about adding a help command unless that's what mlist

I think you're doing great.  I apologize on behalf of myself and the
rest of the list.  It's not that we're ignoring you.  Some of us may
have already solved that problem and don't need what you're
offering and others just may be too busy on other things.

Gerald Florence

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