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From: Tap3w0rm (
Date: 09/03/02

i have added a few mods to my mud that i will soo be releasing to the public
it will be bamud5 these are what i have done so far ... please tell me if
is any flaw to my thinking.

here is what i have done.

Weather text hs stored un a text file called weather.txt it is editable in
the mud
and can be updated with the tedit command and reloaded with reload, this
the imm's to change the weather patterns on the fly. i ahve added a few
to my mud as well the weather file contains about 8 lines with '~'s
seperating the

The main menu has been changed to read from menu.txt u simply used the same
calls as the mud uses to read any other text file into memory.

i am working on adding races as drop in files in the lib directory. basicly
a settings
file called human.race and it would have it's index file like all the other
files in the
mud. this woudl allow on the fly race editing. i also am adding a flag to
the pfile
and a new routine to allow after a race is edited to drop connections to all
players of that race .. force them to camp out of the game and the game to
reload them when they re log and make there charactor conform to the changed
in there race. on load.

this woudl not require a reboot that is the main benny of doing this.

i am also going to think abotu doing the same with the classes.
the skills and such will need to be hard coded like usual however
what skills what EXP level they advance and whatnot will be editable
spells and such will also be editable as weather they get them and
at what level ...

so please tell me if i have any flaws in my thinking ...

the only think i can think of is that it will not be as simple as other
to add this to a mud as it will over ride alott of the mud's code ...

i plan on useing the olc style interfaces for my editing of the settings in
the files
assuming that is ok with the maintainer of olc :)

-Brandon Allen

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