Re: {code} rolling abilities

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 09/08/02

--- Ben D Heise <sten2u@JUNO.COM> wrote:
> is there a file anywhere about adding in, after char creation, the
> ability to roll your characters stats, minus the races bonuses?
> closest thing I found was the roll_real_abilities....
> thanks,
> ben

Not a flame.
There is one stat roller in the snippets at the circlemud ftp site.
I used to point people straight to the snippet, trying to be helpful,
but I have since decided that there are so many useful snippets and
patches on there that it's best that they search for them alone.
I personally have downloaded every single snippet and patch on the
ftp site long ago, and try to keep current. Even if I don't want to
use their implementation, sometimes the snippets contain code that
help me to implement something of my own.
There are many wonderful people contributing to CircleMUD via snippets
and patches, and I feel that all of them are worth at least glancing
through, if nothing more than to support and encourage more folks to

The stats roller is used during character creation, but with a little
imagination and a good grip of CircleMUD's codebase, you should be
able to convert it into something useful.
If all else fails, the mailing list is here :-)



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