Re: Even more dynamic spec procs?

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 09/09/02

This may be totaly off the wall here, but have you thought about
using libxml instead? Using a fairly standardized node system, you
could safely read new structures into the game, since libxml has
a really nice error catcher all of it's own. Then an easy little
bottleneck function could sit and watch the files and reload/unload
the structures as needed.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <author>Shane P. Lee</author>
    <datewritten>September 9, 2002</datewritten>
  <cmd cnum="1">
    <self>You say, </self>
    <room>Says, </room>
    <nself>Say what?</nself>

While that may be a very poor example, you get the idea. Of course
there are lots more to a command than what I showed in the example.
Xml works great in that you can also use outside editors to change
or add the nodes as the game runs, xmlnotepad springs to mind.


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