[NEWBIE]DG bug (again)

From: Peter d (death_comes_to_all@hotmail.com)
Date: 09/09/02

i've posted this before, but didn't get much help..
whenever i try to use trigedit, and save afterwards, the mud crashes..
now i found another bug with trigedit, when i try to edit a vnum that does
not exist, it crashes..
i tried to redo the hand-patching.. took me a lot of time.. but no good..

could anyone lend me a hand? maybe lending me their files so i can see if
it's my cicrle that doesn't like dg or if it's some error with dg..?
i am using bpl21 with oasis 2.0.1 and dg pl8, and no.. i don't want to
download a stock circle with dg installed.. i have done to much to leave it
all again..

please help me.. this one has been bugging me for more than two months
and i have no clue on what to fix, i traced the error to trigedit_save()
in dg_olc.c


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