Re: Even more dynamic spec procs?

From: Mike Stilson (
Date: 09/10/02

On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 03:28:01AM -0500, Patrick Dughi wrote:
>        Kinda curious about what people feel about the popularity of text
>muds lately..  if they're going downhill, vanishing, etc.  They rocked in
>the early 90's when I started, but now I have to explain what they are to
>kids who can't remember when they didn't have email.

They still seem pretty good to me.  It's just a lot harder for them to
survive.  Players run from boring ones like the plague.  It seems to me
(like it kinda always was, just much more obvious now) that the ones
that are doing ok are original ones, with good thought and planning into
them, active (not sporadic or chaotic) development, and (catch-22 time)
good playerbases.

>        And guys who haven't ever, ever, heard of 'Zork'.

Woe unto those who have never uttered the words, "Hello, sailor"

or "Heh, this maze is easy.  Hmm, I wonder."
> Push wall
"oh shit".


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