Re: Windows XP

From: Del (
Date: 09/10/02

> and up comes XP's little screen asking if i want to send an
> error report and what do you know it has stoped my autorun
> script so the mud sits there crashed til i come back and hit
> that i dont want it to send an error report.
> anyone know what i can do to get winXP to stop asking

Took me 2 minutes to find from,23102,3367350,00.html

from the page:
I don't think Microsoft is really going to sift through all those
responses and prosecute or lambaste individuals for their
less-than-model behavior, but the idea is annoying and the pop-ups are
intrusive. Fortunately, they are easy to turn off.

Right-click on My Computer
Select Properties
Click on Advanced
Choose Error Reporting
Check the box to disable error reporting.

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