[newbie] another bug with dg..

From: Peter d (death_comes_to_all@hotmail.com)
Date: 09/11/02

well. this one is far from my knowledge in coding..

this happens when i type tlist 200 299
which is my personal zone..

10000H 10000M 10000V >
[ Auto zone reset: New Zone ]

10000H 10000M 10000V > tlist 200 299
    1. [  200] avalon greet
    2. [  201] power source
    3. [  201] power source

notice that power source take up 201 two times, before one of them was a mob
greet and the other a room script, i changed into room greet on the first
too.. because i wanted it.. i have another problem, the vnum 200 is blank,
and when i check in 2.trg file.. i only see one time of the 201 script.. i
know i explained it badly..
and another thing, is it possible to fix it so it shows zone for the script,
like in redit, medit, zedit?


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