Re: Planned OasisOLC Enhancements

From: Mythran (
Date: 09/13/02

> > Hmm...I was thinking, instead of removing config.c, I could use config.c for
> > the
> > OasisOLC cedit (Game Configuration Command).  Since all the vars I am
> > are inside of config.c.....but then again, this would move away from the
> > current
> > OasisOLC files of medit.c oedit.c redit.c et cetera.
> >
> > Mythran
> Damn shame that I have everything in SQL, but I have this working, so I can
> reload the configuration if I edit it from the outside (which I do through
> the web in our administration interface).
> Although I think you should keep config.c as it is, and instead add a file
> called configedit.c and keep as much of the new code there, to make the
> patch easier, since most of the stuff you can centralize there instead of
> bloating config.c with lots of new stuff.
> Just my two cents...
> Regards,
> /Torgny

Well, what I have done thus far is made a few new structs in oasis.h.  These
structures now hold all of the game configuration data.  Since these structs hold
the new data, the variables in config.c are no longer used....of course,
I could eventually add an #if statement so if the admin want to use CEDIT or not.
CEDIT is the game command for the configuration.


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