Re: Wizcommands

From: Peter d (
Date: 09/14/02

>Im adding the zap command, but i wanna prevent other
>imps from zapping me, what can i do?
>/* This is a normal else if */
>   else if ((vict) == (ch))
>     send_to_char("Now that's just plain
>foolishness!\r\n", ch);
>What would a Else if look like checking if the command
>is being use on my name, returning a message saying
>you cant zap the owner of the mud ?

make an
else if (GET_IDNUM(vict) == 1)
send_to_char("whatever you want here!", ch);

the owner of the mud, or should i say the first player ever to walk the mud
always has the idnum 1.

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