[META] Suggestion to list rules

From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz (jferraz@linkway.com.br)
Date: 09/15/02

Daniel A. Koepke wrote:
> Third, you can find out for yourself (and, in the process, save yourself a
> lot of time).  On *nix:
>   # grep -i emote <files you want to scan over>
> where, <files you want to scan over> is one or more files (or file
> patterns, like "*.c") you want to scan for the given regex (in this case,
> "emote").  Other platforms undoubtedly have similar capabilities.

Forth, I think this should be part of list rules: Avoid to start new
discussions simply by replying to existing messages and changing the

Does not take much time to write circle@post.queensu.ca on the "To:"
field of a new message window. By replying to an existing message, your
MUA silently links (sets In-Reply-To header) your message to the one you
selected to reply. This thread looks like a joke:

The first discussion of this thread was "write_to_descriptor bug", which
theyr replies was used to start the discussions "Windows XP", "list" and
"Changing do_get allow types?". "list" was used to start "Wizcommands"
discussion, that was used to start the "Code" discussion, that was used
to start "NEWBIE: Chess code fatal error"; and "Changing do_get_allow
types?" was used to start "Oddity after adding inter-mob aggression".

There are eight different discussions on the same thread (nine with this
new post, but I think it is better to keep this on the referred thread).
It is really annoying to see so many discussions on the same thread,
with all replies mixed. Other problem is the impossibility to know all
discussions contained on a thread like this if it is collapsed.


Juliano Ravasi Ferraz <jferraz@linkway.com.br>

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