Re: MOB_SPEC assignment

From: Bussy, Lee C. (OTS-KC) (
Date: 09/18/02

From: Tseran [mailto:Tseran@SUBDIMENSION.COM]
>> Not sure why this wasn't done before,
>> Now, I understand the need to have the MOB_SPEC flag,
>> Any thoughts or ideas why it shouldn't be done?

Personally I use the ability to assign (or un-assign) the SPEC often.
Sometimes it was there for a quest and I don't want to re-compile.  I can
just un-flag the mob.  If there's a bug, instant debugging step.  There's
any number of reasons to leave it dynamic from an RP Imm or builder's
perspective but I can see where it would be easier on a coder. :)

Now removing the SPEC flag automatically if the SPEC goes away might be nice
at times but then again if it was a mistake your builder/RP Imms are left
with non-functioning and no clue about it till it's noticed by the morts.

Seems like another "if it works for you, do it" thing.

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