Re: [NEWBIE] Leech command.

From: Peter d (
Date: 09/18/02

>1: You really want any char of any level to be able to set any other
>char's conditions to all 1, regardless of their level or level
>2: Do you want them to be able to do this to any other player they
>3: Do you really want them to be able to do this from anywhere to
>anywhere on the mud?
>4: Do you want it to actually improve ch's condition, or is this just a
>funky zap command for the gods?
>5: Is this command for all races, classes, and levels?
>6: This skill always and automatically works w/o fail or any type of
>retribution to ch?
1: this is an implementor punish command.. kinda like zap. but yet not.. if
you get me :)
2: yeah, to any who makes a mess with the rules i set up..
3: yeah, from anywhere.
4: nope.. just a funky zap, kinda
5: only to imps
6: yeah

i kinda got confused with the skip_spaces thingy you just told me about..
could you write down an example for me to study?
Thanx for the help :)

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