Re: [newbie][code] adding levels

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 09/18/02

From: "jortman" <jort@CADCAMSYS.COM>
> From: "Sunfire" <rusty_81@MSN.COM>
> > i am new to circle.. i am using circle30bpl21 on linux v7.3 redhat and
> just
> > wanted to know what files i would have to change to increase the number
> > levels in the stock circle30bpl21 code... i am also  going to look into
> > adding other classes/races but my main thing is the levels right
> > anybody let me know how to do that??
> >
> > tnx
> Let the flaming begin.
> I can already see it.

Now that's not a very helpful reply, is it? I'd say you could at least have
given the guy something to work with, instead of just assuming he'd be


For example:

The information you are looking for can be found at
Even if the information there is a bit outdated, it'll give you general idea
about what you're supposed to look out for.


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