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Date: 09/18/02

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> Now that's not a very helpful reply, is it? I'd say you could
> at least have given the guy something to work with, instead
> of just assuming he'd be flamed.
> For example:
> The information you are looking for can be found at
> Even if the
> information there is a bit outdated, it'll give you general
> idea about what you're supposed to look out for.
> Welcor

Since it was a newbie question, you also might want to point out
the archives. Nearly all newbie questions have been answered before
(without flames).

See the links below every message on here.

Check there for your question first. If you cannot find it there,
check the ftp site for patches, (and the link
to the old one), and search google.
If you state that you put some effort on your part to find the answer
there will be a lot better reception, and better responses from people.

Good luck on your adventures.

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